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Guobin Hu gb_hu at yahoo.com
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Dear Carlos,

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestion. Answering your question. Yes. I see Thon rings in FFT. I would check out Xmipp. 


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> On Feb 14, 2019, at 5:07 PM, Carlos Oscar S. Sorzano <coss at cnb.csic.es> wrote:
> Dear Guobin,
> stated like this, it is to difficult to give an "absolute" recommendation. A first question would be if you see the Thon rings by eye? If not, I would say that most programs will not be able to find the defocus. If you can see them, then it is a matter of trying. All I can offer in this regard is to try Xmipp on this, if you make one or two of these micrographs available, you may send me a personal message with the link and we will check them.
> Kind regards, Carlos Oscar
>> El 14/02/2019 a las 21:40, Guobin Hu escribió:
>> Dear Cryo-EM folks,
>> I am dealing with some micrographs of very low defocus values e.g. a few tens of nanometers. I found it sometimes is difficult for the programs I am using to find the right defocus value even I set the corresponding defocus search range. I see a lot of CTF estimation programs on the wikipage. I do not want to download all of them and try one by one. I would greatly appreciate it if somebody can recommend one that works well with lowly defocused micrographs. The best is the program can also display the Thon rings of CTF of very small defocus values. 
>> Best,
>> Guobin Hu 
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