[3dem] Help with 7z issue, likely also with DM/GMS software

Daniel Dai dawaylong at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 5 08:52:33 PST 2019

Hello everyone,

We use Leginon to collect data, and once a while we encountered some problem with data transfer from K2 camera PC to our data storage.
Every time, there are 7z.exe commands running in Task Manager.
This problem always happens at midnight (12AM), most of the time, at Friday night.
----We contacted Leginon developers and confirmed that Leginon doesn't use 7z command.

When this problem happens, there is always some error message in DM/GMS log file:
"1202.853 DMCamera Debug :  Return value = 1
1202.868 DMCamera Debug :  In SendBuffer, socket 736, sending 12 bytes
1181.192 DMCamera Debug :  Select returned with Ready channel: listener 0 client 1
1181.207 DMCamera Debug :  WSA Error 10054 on call to recv from ready client
1181.207 DMCamera Debug :  SerialEMSocket: Closing socket 736
625.734 DMCamera Debug :  Select returned with Ready channel: listener 1 client 0
625.734 DMCamera Debug :  SerialEMSocket: Accepted connection
625.750 DMCamera Debug :  Select returned with Ready channel: listener 0 client 1
625.750 DMCamera Debug :  SerialEMSocket: got 96 bytes via recv on socket 10336
625.750 DMCamera executing script :
When we were doing debugging, we found there is a 7z.exe file in Gatan folder.
We did contact Gatan, still waiting for their reply.
This problem is very annoying to us, either stopping data transfer, or sometimes even stopping data collection.
Did anyone encounter this issue before?
And we're wondering whether there is some way to fix it.
Any info or suggestion is appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance!
PS, our K2 PC is kept without internet connection.

Best regards,
Aguang, Cryo-EM Facility at UT Austin.

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