[3dem] Gatan 914 holder - should shutter close further than this?

Toshiyuki Oda toda at yamanashi.ac.jp
Fri Aug 10 07:09:10 PDT 2018

Hi Teige,

     We had a similar situation before. It was caused by collision 
between the shutter and one of the grid-holding arms, which was slightly 
floating from the tip plate.
It happens when the arms get worn out over time and lose elasticity. It 
may also be caused by slight bent at the holder's tip.
Eventually, we asked Gatan engineers to fix the arm. I hope this 
information helps you.


Toshiyuki Oda

On 2018/08/10 22:44, Matthews-Palmer, Teige Rowan Seal wrote:
> Dear 3DEMers,
> While troubleshooting some “leopard print” ice contamination on a 
> Gatan 914 holder, we noticed that the *underside* of the 
> cryoshield/shutter does not close 'all the way' (you can see the grid).
> I wanted to know from other users of 914 holders, does the underside 
> of your shutter look like this when closed, or does it slide further 
> to completely seal away the grid?
> An alternative cause of the contamination is a leak through the 
> shutter rod assembly.
> Any thoughts welcome!
> Thanks,
> Teige
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