[3dem] 1st FEI-I2PC Cryo-EM Course on Scipion for Facilities. Madrid, June 27-29, 2018 (REMINDER)

Pablo Conesa pconesa at cnb.csic.es
Tue Apr 24 05:33:16 PDT 2018

On 06/04/18 15:51, Pablo Conesa wrote:
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> IMPORTANT: This is different than the:
> *2nd I2PC cryoEM Facilities Meeting. Madrid, June 26-27, 2018* 
> <http://i2pc.es/2nd-i2pc-cryoem-facilities-meeting-madrid-june-26-27-2018/>
> *aiming at facility managers *event.
> **************************************************************************
> Dear Colleagues,
> The Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) and FEI/ThermoFisher are 
> organizing the First FEI-I2PC Cryo-EM Course on Scipion 
> <http://scipion.i2pc.es> *for Facilities*, focused on Facilities needs 
> in data management and processing and how they can be served by Scipion.
> Our Scipion team and collaborators have been working in the last years 
> in what we call streaming processing. We understand the importance of 
> having feedback during acquisition and this is precisely what will be 
> covered in this course. From basic processing like movie alignment and 
> CTF estimation on the fly, to automatic picking and extraction. 
> Scipion is equipped with several consensus protocols that might help 
> in your automated pipeline to screen and select the best micrograph, 
> CTFs or particles. All with the benefit of Scipion flexibility and 
> ”mix and match” capabilities. Scipion is also able to gather all the 
> processing information and present it in a HTML report that could be 
> served over the web and automatically refreshed. Additionally, Scipion 
> API allows the integration with your LIMS system. Currently released 
> Scipion 1.2 goes in streaming all the way to particle extraction, and 
> during the course we will present current work in 2D classification 
> and initial volume, in collaboration with XMIPP team.
> The topic of general pipelines for Single Particle Analysis with 
> Scipion will also be covered, as it will be Scipion usage on the cloud.
> We are targeting a maximum of 20 attendees, and we count with 10 
> accommodation grants for students and Senior researchers from Instruct 
> countries.
> *Ideal attendee profile:* IT/developer person trying to automatically 
> process CryoEM acquisition data. (SPA)
> Please, find more information at: 
> http://i2pc.es/instruct-i2pc-fei-facility-based-image-processing-for-electron-microscopy-madrid-june-27-29-2018/ 
> Instruct countries: 
> https://www.structuralbiology.eu/content/countries--instruct
> We look forward meeting you in Madrid!
> The Instruct Image Processing Center team
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