[3dem] 1st FEI-I2PC Cryo-EM Course on Scipion for Facilities. Madrid, June 27-29, 2018

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IMPORTANT: This is different than the:

*2nd I2PC cryoEM Facilities Meeting. Madrid, June 26-27, 2018* 

*aiming at facility managers *event.


Dear Colleagues,

The Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) and FEI/ThermoFisher are 
organizing the First FEI-I2PC Cryo-EM Course on Scipion 
<http://scipion.i2pc.es> *for Facilities*, focused on Facilities needs 
in data management and processing and how they can be served by Scipion.

Our Scipion team and collaborators have been working in the last years 
in what we call streaming processing. We understand the importance of 
having feedback during acquisition and this is precisely what will be 
covered in this course. From basic processing like movie alignment and 
CTF estimation on the fly, to automatic picking and extraction. Scipion 
is equipped with several consensus protocols that might help in your 
automated pipeline to screen and select the best micrograph, CTFs or 
particles. All with the benefit of Scipion flexibility and ”mix and 
match” capabilities. Scipion is also able to gather all the processing 
information and present it in a HTML report that could be served over 
the web and automatically refreshed. Additionally, Scipion API allows 
the integration with your LIMS system. Currently released Scipion 1.2 
goes in streaming all the way to particle extraction, and during the 
course we will present current work in 2D classification and initial 
volume, in collaboration with XMIPP team.

The topic of general pipelines for Single Particle Analysis with Scipion 
will also be covered, as it will be Scipion usage on the cloud.
We are targeting a maximum of 20 attendees, and we count with 10 
accommodation grants for students and Senior researchers from Instruct 

*Ideal attendee profile:* IT/developer person trying to automatically 
process CryoEM acquisition data. (SPA)

Please, find more information at: 

Instruct countries: 

We look forward meeting you in Madrid!

The Instruct Image Processing Center team

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