[3dem] Scipion v1.2 released

Pablo Conesa pconesa at cnb.csic.es
Tue Apr 3 03:53:47 PDT 2018

Dear EM community,

We are very pleased to announce the release of a new version of Scipion: 
v1.2. We have put our efforts in improving the Streaming functionality 
to work better in facilities. We have also updated some EM packages 
versions and done some bug-fixing and enhancements.

For more details, please go here 

I want to thank all the people in our group (I2PC center) for their 
contribution, and more specially those NOT in our lab that are actively 
improving Scipion, either developers contributing integrating EM 
packages/methods and facilities betatesting and running recent 
developments . For a more detailed list please see: 

Scipion currently targets 3 different users:

  1.- CryoEM users 
<https://github.com/I2PC/scipion/wiki/User-Documentation>, mainly SPA at 
the moment

  2.- Facility managers 
<https://github.com/I2PC/scipion/wiki/Streaming-Processing> that runs 
CryoEM facilities and want to implement an automatic processing pipeline

  3.- CryoEM methods developers 
<https://github.com/I2PC/scipion/wiki/Developers-Page>: yes!....Scipion 
does not do image processing as such, but talks nicely with software 
that actually do image processing. Why not making your method available 
to all our user base?


Download link <http://scipion.i2pc.es/download_form>  - How to install 
<https://github.com/I2PC/scipion/wiki/How-to-Install>  - Contact us 

All the best, Pablo

Scipion team

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