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Just to Add to Masa's email-
You may have to use a little bit more force to get a really thin ice on a single side blotting device.
However, you can carry out  "double blotting experiments"  on a single grid i.e with one protein complex blotted softly leaving behind reasonable amount followed by addition the 2nd protein complex and then blot in the regular manner and plunge. This process can can be carried out with ease in a single side blotting device.

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 One of the advantage of one-sided blotting is the “filtering” effect of the holey carbon membrane for filamentous/tubular samples. In this case, you can use lower concentrations of samples, because you can “concentrate” samples on the grid.
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Dear all, 
I am wondering about the advantages (ordisadvantages) of one-sided vs two-sided blotting during sample freezing forSPA. Do people have preferences for one or the other depending on the type of sample?Does one-sided blotting lead to thicker ice in general? Any suggestion/commentwill be very welcome.  
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