[3dem] Cryo-EM in Australia: group-leader and staff-scientist positions

Antoine van Oijen vanoijen at uow.edu.au
Mon Nov 21 23:47:38 PST 2016

Dear cryo-EM community,

Two continuing, full time positions are available at the University of Wollongong in Australia:

Staff Scientist (Cryo-Electron Microscopy):


Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor (Cryo-Electron Microscopy):


The University of Wollongong is a young, research-focused university on the coast of south eastern Australia, an hour from Sydney and surrounded by natural beauty. We are looking for technically skilled cryo-electron microscopists with experience in structural biology to play a key role in establishing a world-class cryo-electron microscopy research group and facility.

Our University is investing $80 million in the establishment of a multidisciplinary research institute, Molecular Horizons, focused on the visualisation of the molecular mechanisms of life. By co-locating talented researchers with backgrounds in the physical, chemical and biological sciences and by providing them with cutting-edge infrastructure, the University is committed to making an impact in the molecular life sciences. Our initial investment in cryo-EM infrastructure includes a Talos Arctica and a Titan Krios.

Best wishes,

Antoine van Oijen

University of Wollongong

vanoijen at uow.edu.au<mailto:Vanoijen at uow.edu.au>

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