[3dem] exchange of zeolite in a Gatan 626 cryholder

John Rubinstein john.rubinstein at utoronto.ca
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‎Dear Lubomir,

Some time ago Gatan stopped using zeolites in their cryoholders and started using (and retrofitting holders with) 'carbon packs' that accomplish the same objective. These packs can be purchased from Gatan or your Gatan distributor for a few hundred dollars ($Cdn) and installed in your holder at home - but care should be taken disassembling the holder (I seem to remember there are some very fine wires inside the dewar of the 626 holder‎).

We've just ordered a carbon pack for a 626 holder we have that still contains zeolites - it was a demo holder that was already old when we got it 6 years ago or so.‎ Mark Dods, Gatan's holder guru (cc’ed here), can probably give advice on how to do this replacement or point you in the right direction. Fishione Instruments uses Zeolites in their new Model 2550 cryotransfer holder, but they are bonded to the dewar for better heat transfer. We’ve just ordered one of these holders.

Best wishes, 

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Molecular sieve sorbents are commonly used in foreline traps for systems with oil-lubricated rotary-vane roughing pumps and similar. You just want to know where to buy it? I.e. Kurt J. Lesker offers a 1 lbs. can here for 23 Euros:


The main issue might be grain size. Foreline traps are fairly large. I guess one could always grind the pellets down with a mortar and pestle or a ball mill, or look for another vendor


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Dear colleagues,

I wonder if it is possible to exchange the zeolite powder in the Gatan
cryoholder in the lab and avoid sending it to the company. I I hoped to
google out a recipe but I could not find one. Has anyone tried this?

With best regards,


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