[3dem] Uranyl Formate powder lifetime

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Wed Nov 19 07:15:55 PST 2014

Hi Fabien,

I've stored 1%UF at -80dC for over a year without any 
issues. If the solution becomes green, it's gone bad. A 
1%UF solution at room temp for a couple of hours will go 
bad. This is predominantly because of its light 
sensitivity. A 1%UF solution at room temp in the dark does 
not turn green even after 8 hours, but that doesn't mean it 
hasn't gone partially bad.

I don't have an answer for your power question.

Best wishes,

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>   Dear all,
>   I would like to order Uranyl Formate powder from SPI
>   (U.S.A). SPI company mentions that Uranium metals
>   are subject to special restrictions from U.S.A and
>   must be shipped by air only. The price for shipping
>   is extremely expensive, more than twice the price of
>   the compound itself (for 5g).
>   I am considering buying multiple vials but I don't
>   know how stable is the Uranyl Formate powder? Can I
>   store it for months, years, ...?
>   I also noticed on Dr. Grigorief's website that
>   Uranyl Formate solutions can be frozen and stored at
>   -80C. If you have any experience with this, how long
>   Uranyl Formate aliquots can be stored at -80C?
>   Thanks in advance for your help.
>   Best,
>   Fabien Bergeret
>   McGill University
>   Canada
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