[3dem] Uranyl Formate powder lifetime

Fabien Alexandre Bergeret, Dr fabien.bergeret at mcgill.ca
Wed Nov 19 07:10:35 PST 2014

Dear all,

I would like to order Uranyl Formate powder from SPI (U.S.A). SPI company mentions that Uranium metals are subject to special restrictions from U.S.A and must be shipped by air only. The price for shipping is extremely expensive, more than twice the price of the compound itself (for 5g).

I am considering buying multiple vials but I don't know how stable is the Uranyl Formate powder? Can I store it for months, years, ...?
I also noticed on Dr. Grigorief's website that Uranyl Formate solutions can be frozen and stored at -80C. If you have any experience with this, how long Uranyl Formate aliquots can be stored at -80C?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Fabien Bergeret
McGill University
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