[3dem] Loosing tilt angle information by dm4Tomrc conversion

Steven Ludtke sludtke at bcm.edu
Fri Nov 14 06:34:14 PST 2014

Hi Christian, the current version of EMAN2.1 should be able to read DM4 images/stacks and headers. What version were you trying ?  If you are having a problem with this please let us know as it should be working properly.

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> On Nov 14, 2014, at 3:49 AM, Christian Geiss <geiss at biophysik.org> wrote:
> Dear 3dem-Group,
> I am looking for a decent way to manipulate the header information in MRC files, particularly the metadata where e.g. tilt angles are saved, since
> IMOD cannot generate the com scripts in the initial setup when running the extracttilts subroutine. Has anyone experience with this?
> The background is that I loose my tilt angle information when converting dm4 files to mrc by the dm2mrc routine of the imod package. It would be also quite useful if someone knows a conversion script that preserves this information (EM2EM, EMAN2 for instance are all not versatile to this as they do not support dm4 or they cannot handle dm4 dose fractionation stacks).
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