[3dem] Loosing tilt angle information by dm4Tomrc conversion

Christian Geiss geiss at biophysik.org
Fri Nov 14 03:49:40 PST 2014

Dear 3dem-Group,

I am looking for a decent way to manipulate the header information in 
MRC files, particularly the metadata where e.g. tilt angles are saved, since
IMOD cannot generate the com scripts in the initial setup when running 
the extracttilts subroutine. Has anyone experience with this?

The background is that I loose my tilt angle information when converting 
dm4 files to mrc by the dm2mrc routine of the imod package. It would be 
also quite useful if someone knows a conversion script that preserves 
this information (EM2EM, EMAN2 for instance are all not versatile to 
this as they do not support dm4 or they cannot handle dm4 dose 
fractionation stacks).

Thanks in advance,
Christian Geiss
*Christian Geiss, M.sc.*
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