[3dem] Cryo EM specialist position in Koster lab

A.J.Koster at lumc.nl A.J.Koster at lumc.nl
Sat Jun 21 08:21:27 PDT 2014

Cryo EM Specialist position available for the NeCEN - LUMC Cryo EM facility 
A cryo EM specialist position is available immediately in the group of Bram Koster (https://electronmicroscopy.lumc.nl/) to work at the Netherlands Center of Electron Nanoscopy (NeCEN, https://www.necen.nl) at Leiden University, the Netherlands. 

NeCEN is an open access facility for advanced cryo-transmission electron microscopes. Associated with NeCEN are three research institutes: the Leiden University Medical Center (Koster group), Utrecht University (Plitzko group) and the Leiden University (Leiden Institute for Advances Computer  Science). 

At NeCEN, two Titan Krios TEMs are in place specifically designed to explore complex biological structures with single particle cryo EM (SPA) and with cryo electron tomography.  Titan 1 is equipped with a 4k Falcon 2 direct electron detector and HAADF STEM. Titan 1 will also be equipped with a phase plate and with a GIF and K2 director electron detector (Summit). Titan 2 is equipped with an XFEG, HAADF-STEM,  Cs Corrector and  Falcon 2 direct electron detector. Many activities at NeCEN are carried out in close collaboration with FEI Company, the manufacturer of the Titan Krios microscopes.
The cryo EM specialist will join the NeCEN facility team headed by the NeCEN facility manager. After the required training at the LUMC and NeCEN the cryo EM specialist will take responsibility for the day-to-day operation, maintenance and management of the state-of-the-art imaging equipment. Duties include assisting internal and external users and the development and provision of training on cryo EM. Responsibilities include, also include advising users with varying degrees of experience in sample preparation, imaging and data interpretation. More over activities to further improve the performance and quality of the laboratory, instruments and computers is expected. 

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to dedicate 20% of the time to collaborative research activities with one or more of the three associated groups. These activities can be carried out both at NeCEN and in the Koster group at the LUMC. Opportunities are provided both at the LUMC and at NeCEN for further professional development cryo EM skills and knowledge with courses, training, meetings and conferences within the field of cryo EM.

We seek a cryo EM specialist on the PhD level with experience in the field of cryo EM. Familiarity with FEI microscopes and experience with cryo EM and image processing are an advantage. Qualifications include experience with electron microscopy related laboratory research, experimental design of TEM and SEM experiments, cryo genic-temperature transmission electron microscopy for direct-imaging of biological/soft matter. In addition, problem solving skills and a proven ability to learn and teach in a multidisciplinary environment, strong attention to detail and good organizational skills are advantageous. 

The Koster group offers a position at NeCEN for two years that can be extended with a third. Salary will be following the scales and benefits of Leiden University Medical Center. 

Candidates should contact Dr. Bram Koster (a.j.koster at lumc.nl) and include a CV, statement of accomplishments and electron microscopy skills, research interests, and contact information for three references.

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