[3dem] Sale of Jeol2500SE

Klaus van Benthem benthem at ucdavis.edu
Tue Feb 11 17:48:04 PST 2014

Dear colleagues,
as our user base has shrunk we are offering our Jeol JEM-2500SE for sale. The microscope is in excellent conditions and has been under continuous service by Jeol.

The instrument is equipped with the high resolution pole piece which provides excellent resolution in TEM and STEM modes while also enabling the utilization of in-situ TEM sample holders. The microscope is also equipped with the Gatan MSC camera, DM2.0, ADF/BF STEM package, additional Fischione ADF detector, Noran EDXS, and Tridem GIF. We are asking $390,000.

Below is a more detailed list of the configuration. Please feel free to contact me directly (benthem at ucdavis.edu<mailto:benthem at ucdavis.edu>) if you are interested in testing your future microscope. The sale is administrated by the UC Davis Bargain Barn at http://bargainbarn.ucdavis.edu/4sale/invtryresults.cfm (search inventory for Jeol).

With best wishes,
Klaus van Benthem

Standard configuration as provided by JEOL, Inc.
- 200 kV Schottky emitter
- instrument continuously supported by JEOL service contract
- Gatan Tridiem Imaging Filter
- Gatan GIF UltraScan Camera US1000FT 1
- Gatan Digiscan II Model 788
- 3 STEM detectors Detectors
     - Annular Dark Field and Bright Field STEM detectors
     - Fischione Model 3000 Annular Dark Field Detector
- Gatan First Light Camera Controller
- Gatan MultiScan Retractable Camera (MSC Model 794)
- Gatan Digitial Micrograph 2.0 Software, incl. computer and software
- ThermoNoran EDX Detector System 6, Model #6719A, incl. computer and software
- Chiller & UPS included

[cid:141d36db-bac2-45ab-bd11-959daf422300 at ad3.ucdavis.edu]

[cid:bb2bb561-53b9-4354-a08c-83e02c6aab70 at ad3.ucdavis.edu]

Dr. Klaus van Benthem
Associate Professor
Materials Science and Engineering Program
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
University of California, Davis
2007 Kemper Hall
1 Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616

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