[3dem] Postdoctoral position in Cryo EM Grenoble

Guy SCHOEHN schoehn at embl.fr
Mon Jan 28 06:59:59 PST 2013

Dear all

There is still time to apply....

Post doctoral position in Grenoble, France on cryo-EM analysis and 
image reconstruction of the influenza virus polymerase in the groups of 
Guy Schoehn and Rob Ruigrok.
The groups of Guy Schoehn (IBS/UVHCI) Stephen Cusack (EMBL Grenoble) 
and Rob Ruigrok (UVHCI) have been working together for a long time on 
the electron microscopy and biochemistry of isolated influenza virus 
polymerase (NAR 35, 3774-3783 (2007); Nature 458, 914-918 (2009)). The 
Ruigrok group has now produced enough amount of recombinant polymerase 
to do biochemistry and structural biology. The candidate will work 
closely with the biochemists to test samples containing various RNA 
substrates in order to determine the best sample for electron 
microscopy. On this sample cryo-EM and image analysis should lead to the 
first high resolution structure of the influenza polymerase. The Schoehn 
lab is equipped with a 120 KV, 200 KV Lab6 (Feg in the near future) and 
a 300 KV Polara electron microscope. The Ruigrok lab is well equipped 
for the protein production, biochemistry and structural biology. Both 
labs are part of the Grenoble Partnership for Structural Biology. The 
position is initially for three years and funding comes from the EU and 
the Grenoble GRAL Labex. Information: guy.schoehn at ibs.fr and 
ruigrok at embl.fr. Grenoble is in the South of France at the foot of the 
Alps. If you are an electron microscopist, if you like beautiful nature 
and mountain sports, if you like the French style of life with good 
food, this position if for you!


Guy and Rob

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