[3dem] How to determine a symmetry of a ring particle?

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That's another good idea.
You might actually have eigen images already. They could be one of the outputs of the 2D classification
you did in Eman.
Look at Dube et al. to learn how to interpret the eigen images, if you find them.

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Dear Alexander,

Dube et al. 1993 are using multivariate statistical analysis (MSA) to estimate the symmetry properties by looking at the eigenimages.

A description of the method can be found here: www.singleparticles.org/methodology<http://www.singleparticles.org/methodology> . You can download the PDF file "Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Single Particle (Cryo) Electron Microscopy". The related chapter is "12. MSA symmetry analysis".

The original paper is: Dube P, Tavares P, Lurz R and van Heel M EMBO J. (1993) 1303-1309.

I also want to refer to Pawel's hint: the method is a symmetry estimation and not a determination.




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