[3dem] How to determine a symmetry of a ring particle?

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Dear Alexander,

Dube et al. 1993 are using multivariate statistical analysis (MSA) to 
estimate the symmetry properties by looking at the eigenimages.

A description of the method can be found here: 
www.singleparticles.org/methodology . You can download the PDF file 
"Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Single Particle (Cryo) Electron 
Microscopy". The related chapter is "12. MSA symmetry analysis".

The original paper is: Dube P, Tavares P, Lurz R and van Heel M EMBO J. 
(1993) 1303-1309.

I also want to refer to Pawel's hint: the method is a symmetry 
estimation and not a determination.




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