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michael michael at ImageScience.de
Thu Dec 19 07:10:56 PST 2013

Hi all!

A new version of the EM2EM image converter has been released. It is 
available as a free download from the Image Science website: 

The program supports various new (FEI formats, for example) or updated 
formats and has a modified user interaction. The program can be run from 
a GUI wrapper or as a stand-alone program. Many changes have been 
explicitly implemented to support large datasets (stacks/movies) 
collected under computer control.

Currently supported formats:

  BROOKHAVEN STEM   : A format used to store STEM images (Import only)
  CCP4              : Crystallography community format
  DATA ONLY         : Raw images, no header available
  DIG. MICROGRAPH 2 : Gatan's dm2 format
  EM                : MPI für Biochemie, Martinsried, Germany
  FEI MRC           : FEI's MRC files with extended header
  FEI MRCS          : FEI's MRCS files (stacked MRC file)
  FEI Raw           : Image FEI's new raw image format
  FORMATTED  ASCII  : Formatted files
  IMAGIC            : Image Science, Berlin, Germany
  JPEG              : Color/grey scale to grey scale images (compressed) 
and vice versa
  KONTRON           : Kontron image format
  MDPP              : NYU-MC, Ross Smith
  MEDIPIX Raw       : MEDIPIX image format
  MRC               : Richard Henderson & Tony Crowther, others
  OFFSET            : Skip a specified number of (header) bytes
  PIF               : Purdue, Tim Baker
  PGM               : Portable grey map format (P2 and P5)
  POSTSCRIPT        : Adobe Postscript (export only)
  RAWIV/VOLUMETRIC  : The rawiv data format
  RGB_TIFF          : The red/green/blue parts of a colored TIFF image 
are imported or exported as single (greyscale) images
  SHF               : GATAN's simple header format
  SITUS             : The map format of Willy Wrigger's docking program 
  SPIDER            : Joachim Frank's Albany data format
  SUPRIM            : J.P. Schroeter and P. Bretaudiere,
                      Also used in PHOELIX (B. Carragher, M. Whittaker & 
R. Milligan)
  TIA (EMISPEC)     : The EMISPEC format used by FEI (TECNAI/TITAN)
  TIFF              : Tagged image format 8-bit/16-bit
  TVIPS             : TVIPS Image formats used by Tietz Video and Image 
Processing Systems company, Germany.
                      (Used are EM and TIFF with specific tags)
  X-PLOR            : X-ray crystallography and NMR data format (Import 

The user can override signed/unsigned integer conflicts. Most options 
support a FILE_OF_FILENAMES as input (list of input file names of 
individual images to be converted).

Best regards



Michael Schatz
Image Science Software GmbH

Gillweg 3
D - 14193 Berlin

Besuchereingang / Entrance:

Tel: +49 30 8909 5326
Fax: +49 30 8909 5321
URL: www. ImageScience .de

Geschäftsführer/Managing Director
Michael Schatz

HRB: 33106 Berlin-Charlottenburg
VAT/USt-Id-Nr. DE 136613484

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