[3dem] workshop on Integrated Software for Integrative Structural Biology, 21st-23rd May, Abingdon UK

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Workshop on Integrated Software for Integrative Structural Biology.

Structural biologists use a variety of software tools to help their work, from data collection, through the creation of structural models, to finding biological significance in the results. Increasingly often, structural biologists combine different techniques in a single large research project, aiming to create multiscale models. This raises the challenge to software developers of working together to create an integrated and extensible toolset that supports a range of experimental techniques, as well as modelling and simulation methods.

This workshop will discuss progress towards these goals and challenges along the way. The workshop is timely as there is now a strong drive for structural biologists to look beyond their own subdiscipline. The European ESFRI projects, such as INSTRUCT (http://www.structuralbiology.eu/) and ELIXIR (http://www.elixir-europe.org/), are encouraging multi-disciplinary approaches, and there is also a desire to fit individual experimental results into a systems view of the cell or organism. These scientific drivers must be supported by a suitable software environment. While this is widely recognised, there is as yet no coherent effort in this direction. 
The workshop will seek to identify the specific areas where progress can be made, and discuss possible solutions. Questions for consideration include:
* multi-disciplinary software versus data conversion software to transfer between stand-alone packages
* the need for standardisation of data formats or ontologies
* validation and comparison of results between different techniques
* ensuring easy availability and user-friendliness of software

Speakers include Alexandre Bonvin, Johannes Soeding, Arwen Pearson, Mark Sansom, Geerten Vuister, Steve Brewer, Victor Lamzin, Michael Habeck, Jose Maria Carazo, Torsten Herrman, Marco Biasini, and Ernest Laue.

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The workshop is in Cosener's House, Abingdon, UK.

This is a CECAM Collaborative Scientific Software Development meeting, and is sponsored by CCP4 and WeNMR.

Chris Morris
Martyn Winn
Jose Maria Carazo
Keith Wilson
Alexandre Bonvin

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