[3dem] Subtomogram averaging workshop / release of Dynamo package.

Daniel Castano Diez daniel.castano at unibas.ch
Wed Apr 18 11:39:54 PDT 2012

Dear colleagues,
We have released a first version of Dynamo, a free software tool for 
subtomogram averaging and classification adapted for different computing 
environments (multicore machines, GPU, CPU clusters…). Documentation and 
packages for usual platforms are available at www.dynamo-em.org 
<http://www.dynamo-em.org/>. We hope it will be useful for your 
research, and look forward for any feedback.
Also note that a Hands-On Workshop on Subtomogram Averaging will be held 
at the University of Basel (Switzerland) in early September. This 
one-week course will train participants in the numerical aspects of the 
technique using both in-house equipment and access to remote 
supercomputing facilities. Dynamo and other programs will be used for 
the tutorial sessions.
Best regards,
Daniel Castaño-Díez and Henning Stahlberg

Center for Cellular Imaging and NanoAnalytics (C-CINA)
Biozentrum, University Basel

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