[3dem] Help on particles automatic boxing

Carlos Oscar Sánchez Sorzano coss at cnb.csic.es
Sun Oct 3 22:09:26 PDT 2010

Xmipp has a an automatic picking mode that learns from the user the kind 
of particles she is interested in. The easiest way is to enter through 
the protocols (xmipp_protocols -> Particle picking, and set the 
automatic picking mode).

Automatic particle picking (Xmipp's and any other one) works when 
particles are clearly visible. After trying on different datasets you 
learn to recognize on which datasets they might work and on which they 
might not. As a rule of thumb, for small particles whose projections are 
not so good or they are not too defocused (=>low contrast), automatic 
particle pickers have great difficulty in doing a good job.

Kind regards, Carlos Oscar

On 03/10/2010 11:50, jh wrote:
> Dear all,
> Anyone could introduce me with a free software, which can
> automatically box particles from cryo-EM images.
> Thanks.
> C.J.
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