[3dem] [2dx] email server for electron crystallography image processing

Henning Stahlberg henning.stahlberg at unibas.ch
Thu May 13 06:39:48 PDT 2010


We would like to inform about a new [2dx] email list server that we  
are hosting at the University of Basel. This email list is primarily  
intended for users of the electron crystallography image processing  
software 2dx, which is based on the MRC program suite that Richard  
Henderson and others develop, and the MRC software itself, and the  
IPLT image processing software system.  If you are using one of these  
software systems to process electron crystallography images of 2D  
crystals of membrane proteins, or if you use one of these software  
systems for the processing of crystal images in material sciences,  
then we invite you to subscribe to this list.

This list should be a useful resource for discussing or posting  
questions relating to electron crystallography sample preparation,  
data collection, or image processing.

If you once downloaded the 2dx software, then you are one of the 385  
people that are already subscribed to this list (it is easy to  
If not, then we hereby invite you to subscribe to this list, by  
accessing this web site:

We will closely monitor this email list, and promise that you will not  
receive spam through this list.

All the best,



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