[3dem] PhD and PostDoc position in software development for cryo-EM of membrane proteins

Henning Stahlberg henning.stahlberg at unibas.ch
Thu May 13 06:20:11 PDT 2010


Two PhD and/or Postdoc positions are available immediately in the 2dx  
software development team in our Center for Cellular Imaging and Nano  
Analytics in the University of Basel, Switzerland.

The project involves the development of algorithms and implementation  
of these for the 3D structure reconstruction of membrane proteins from  
electron microscopy images. Several aspects of this task will be  
addressed, including analysis and simulation of the image formation  
process in the microscope, processing of the very noisy and enormously  
large data sets involving maximum likelihood and other algorithmic  
approaches, and the creation of user-friendly GUIs front end  
interfaces, and parallelized (including GPU support) back-end  
processing cores. This software will be integrated into the 2dx  
software package that our group has produced, and which now enjoys  
over 400 external users (http://2dx.org).
In addition, the candidate(s) would also be involved in structure  
determination projects in the fields of single particle cryo-EM and  
electron crystallography.
The position is available immediately, long-term funding is secured. C- 
CINA is equipped with outstanding equipment. We offer a welcoming  
working environment and attractive salaries in a multidisciplinary  

Experience in software development (C++) is required. Knowledge of  
CUDA, Qt, Matlab, F77, or Electron Microscopy image formation, or  
molecular biology basic knowledge is welcome, but can also be acquired  
here in the lab.

Basel is a culturally rich and beautiful city at the border between  
Switzerland, France and Germany.
The lab language is English.

If you are interested, or if you know of somebody who might, or to  
obtain further information, please contact:

Henning Stahlberg

Center for Cellular Imaging and Nano Analytics (C-CINA)
at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE)
Structural Biology and Biophysics, Biozentrum,
WRO-1058, Mattenstrasse 26
University Basel, CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41-61-387 32 62 (Henning Stahlberg)
Tel: +41-61-387 32 31 (Karen Bergmann, administrative assistant)
mailto:Henning.Stahlberg at unibas.ch

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