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On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 8:49 AM, Vera Moiseenkova-Bell <vxm102 at case.edu>wrote:

>  *Postdoctoral Positions in cryo-electron microscopy and electron
> crystallography*
> Cleveland Center for Membrane and Structural Biology (CCMSB) and the
> Department of Pharmacology at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) invites
> applications for Postdoctoral Positions in cryo-electron
> microscopy/tomography and electron crystallography to lead world-class
> research.
> Our team is involved in studying a variety of biological systems by
> electron microscopy, electron crystallography, and tomography and has
> several open positions for interested candidates. Our focus is on the
> structure and function of membrane proteins and large macromolecular
> complexes. Special interests are telomeres, TRP channels, 2PK channels,
> cyclicnucleotide-gated channels and aquaporins.
> We are seeking scientist with a background in either:
> 1)  biochemistry and cell biology, preferably with experience in
> cryo-electron microscopy or conventional electron microscopy preparation
> techniques (chemical fixation, high-pressure freezing and freeze
> substitution).
> 2) engineering and/or computer science to develop image processing
> algorithms for single particle cryo-EM applications, electron tomography,
> and 2D crystallography.
>  3) Experience in 3D crystallography is a plus as well.
> The lab is equipped with an FEI Tecnai F20 and Tecnai 12 electron
> microscopes. All positions are funded for several years.
> If you are interested, or for further information, please contact: Andreas
> Engel (Andreas.Engel at case.edu), Vera Moiseenkova-Bell (vxm102 at case.edu)
> or Derek Taylor (djt36 at case.edu). To learn more about the CCMSB or the
> Department of Pharmacology at CWRU, please visit: http://ccmsb.case.edu
> and  http://pharmacology.case.edu/ <http://pharmacology.cwru.edu/>
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