[3dem] University of Manchester Polara Announcement

Tobias Starborg tobias.starborg at manchester.ac.uk
Fri Jan 29 05:57:39 PST 2010

Dear 3DEM users,

The University of Manchester Faculty of Life Science EM facility is
pleased to announce the installation of a 300 KeV FEG cryo-transmission
electron microscope funded by the Wellcome Trust. The microscope is
available for use by University of Manchester staff and external
collaborators who have projects that would benefit from collection of
high resolution electron microscope images at cryogenic temperatures.
The microscope is equipped with a 4k x 4k Gatan USC 4000 camera and a
post column energy filter with a 2k x 2k CCD camera. A variety of
software packages are available, both on the microscope for data
generation and off the microscope for data analysis. These include
tomographic packages: FEI's 3D Explore, SerialEM with IMOD and a variety
of single particle packages, including: SPIDER Appion and MRC. We are
continuously reviewing the installed software, so we hope to be able to
offer the most up to date acquisition and microscope scripting
potential. The FLS electron microscope facility is also able to offer
technical support in order that users are able get the best data from
their samples. If you are interested in using the Polara then please
visit http://manchesterpolara.org.uk, or email polara-at-manchester.ac.uk


Toby S

Dr T Starborg
FLS, University of Manchester, Michael Smith Building, Rumford Street, Manchester. M13 9PT
Tel: +44(0)1612751557
Fax: +44(0)1612751505

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