[3dem] IMOD Workshop- deadline changed

Eileen O'Toole Eileen.Otoole at Colorado.EDU
Wed Jan 27 12:44:29 PST 2010

Our original deadline for applying to the IMOD workshop did not leave  
much time for participants to make travel arrangements.  Since we  
have already received numerous applications, we are moving the  
deadline for applications to Feb. 1, 2010.

Here is the workshop announcement again:

>> The Boulder Laboratory for 3-D Electron Microscopy of Cells will be
>> holding a tomography software workshop March 22-25, 2010. The
>> workshop is designed to teach investigators the IMOD software package
>> developed in our lab. The four-day course will include lectures by
>> Dr. David Mastronarde introducing participants to tilt-series
>> acquisition, alignment methods, and dual-axis tomography.
>> Demonstrations on specimen preparation and preparing grids for
>> tomography will be presented.  Participants will have hands-on
>> experience with data acquisition, and will learn the IMOD software
>> package using sample data sets provided by the lab as well as data
>> acquired in practice sessions. Trouble shooting strategies for
>> problematic data sets and tips on modeling tomographic data will also
>> be presented.  Special topics including cryotomography and large area
>> reconstruction will also be covered.
>> The workshop is limited to 16 participants. More than one applicant
>> per lab will be considered only if there is space remaining. There is
>> no fee for academic participants in the workshop, but participants
>> need to cover travel and lodging expenses.  Applications are due by
>> Feb. 1, 2010. Send application to:
>>                                 Ms. Nancy Neumann
>>                                 Email: Nancy.Neumann at Colorado.EDU
>> Please include a brief description of:
>> 1. Level of expertise with tomography (beginner, intermediate,
>> advanced).
>> 2. Field of study.
>> 3. Experience with the IMOD package.
>> 4. If you have a reasonably powerful laptop computer that you would
>> be willing to use for the course work (indicate type and speed).
>> 5. If you have previously applied to the workshop

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