[3dem] Metal wire for shadowing experiments

Christos Savva csavva at mail.bio.tamu.edu
Wed Jan 20 13:41:28 PST 2010


We do metal shadowing of RecA-coated DNA using an older Denton 502. I have been using tungsten wire (cat# 53110) purchased from Ladd Research. with the following specs: 

Single Strand Tungsten V-Filament - Single strand of
0.020" diameter tungsten wire.

This is the link:


Hope this helps


>>> Anindito Sen <emailanindito at yahoo.co.in> 01/19/10 7:13 AM >>>
Dear all
I am looking for the correct metal (wire) for shadowing experiments to determine the handedness of my samples (biopolymers). The grain size   for needs to be fairly small. I will be using TMV as a standard for calibration. 
Please share your experience with such experiments and the source to obtain/purchase the metal.
Best Wishes

Dr. Anindito Sen (Ph.D)


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