[3dem] Postdoctoral position to work on High Resolution Imaging in Australia

Leann Tilley l.tilley at latrobe.edu.au
Tue Jan 19 12:10:26 PST 2010

>Postdoctoral position to work in the ARC Centre of Excellence for 
>Coherent X-ray Science. (http://www.coecxs.org/)
>Research Officer
>La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science
>Level A/B Research Position in the Department of Biochemistry
>La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science
>This position will attract a remuneration package of approx. $70,200 
>to $96,100 per annum, which includes 17% superannuation.
>This position is funded by the Australian Research Council as part 
>of the Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science (CXS) for 
>research into the use of novel imaging techniques to study the 
>cellular architecture of malaria parasite-infected erythrocytes. The 
>CXS is an interdisciplinary collaboration for high-resolution 
>bio-imaging. The project involves developing new methods and 
>applying existing cutting edge techniques for light, electron and 
>X-ray microscopy. The successful applicant will work with colleagues 
>from the Departments of Biochemistry and Physics at La Trobe 
>University. Molecular and cell biological manipulation of samples 
>will be used to enhance specimen preparation. Experience in electron 
>microscopy, sample preparation and molecular techniques is required.
>Primary Objectives:
>This work aims to develop sample preparation protocols suitable for 
>high resolution imaging and to use these methods to obtain 
>information about the cellular architecture of parasitised erythrocytes.
>In particular, we aim:
>(1) To develop sample preparation methods for transmission electron 
>microscopy and cryo electron microscopy
>(2) To use electron tomography to image cell samples
>(2) To use X-ray microscopy to image samples
>(3) To use X-ray methods to examine the sub-cellular distribution 
>and organisation of structures in malaria parasites and other samples
>(4) To use and develop super-resolution optical microscopy methods
>Further information,
>Contact:  Prof. Leann Tilley. Tel: 03-9479 1375. Email: 
>L.Tilley at latrobe.edu.au
>Closing date for applications: mid February, 2010

Leann Tilley,  Professor of Biochemistry
Director of Research, La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science
Deputy Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science

Department of Biochemistry           Phone: 61-3-94791375
Rm 407, Phys Sci Bld 4       Fax:   61-3-94792467
Plenty Rd, La Trobe University       Email:  L.Tilley at latrobe.edu.au
Melbourne, 3086, Australia

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