[3dem] Metal wire for shadowing experiments

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Hi, Andy:


Theoretically, tungsten or chromium wire gives out thinner coating than gold
and platinum. It can go down to something like 2 nm or less. But the coating
needs cooling, water cooling is OK. 

The former BalTech company, now under Leica, used to have both wire. I
bought both from them eight years ago, not sure the situation now. 


Hope this helps


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Dear all


I am looking for the correct metal (wire) for shadowing experiments to
determine the handedness of my samples (biopolymers). The grain size for
needs to be fairly small. I will be using TMV as a standard for calibration.


Please share your experience with such experiments and the source to
obtain/purchase the metal.


Best Wishes





Dr. Anindito Sen (Ph.D)


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