[3dem] converting large date set using em2em

michael michael at ImageScience.de
Mon Nov 9 09:51:33 PST 2009

Hi Zongli,
Thank you for the information. I have tested the current em2em version 
(downloadable from www.ImageScience.de/em2em) with a stack of 115,000 
IMAGIC images of size 128x128 (float), in other words a file of around 
7.5 Gigabyte. The output MRC file has the correct size and converting 
that MRC file back to IMAGIC again yields a correct IMAGIC file.
Was the IMAGIC file you are using created by IMAGIC or by another 
program? What is invalid in the MRC file (How did you check the MRC 
header)? Which operating system do you use (Linux, MS Windows, MAC OSX, 
...). Without additional information it is difficult to understand what 
went wrong in your case. One possibility is that the program you are 
using to read the MRC file, addresses it with a 32-bit integer variable 
which may cause problems when the size of the MRC file is larger than ~2 
Gigabytes. The same problem may occur when, for example,you use the 
FAT32 file system that does not allow you to have files larger than 2 



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