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Bridget Carragher bcarr at scripps.edu
Fri Sep 15 16:29:36 PDT 2006

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Dear 3DEM community,

As many of you already know we will shortly be publishing a new 
Special Issue of the Journal of Structural Biology  entitled 
"Software Tools for Molecular Microscopy".  As part of the activities 
around this issue we have started a Wikipedia page 
(http://en.wikipedia.org) that we hope will provide a more complete 
list of packages and up-to-date distribution information of all of 
the software of interest to the cryoEM community. You can view this 
page at 

Please feel free to add new entries to these pages or update them or 
modify them as needed.  Anyone can edit a Wiki page by just clicking 
on the blue [edit] button next to any entry or selecting the main 
"edit this page" button at the top.  Please follow Wiki etiquette 
(see for example: 
and avoid content that might be considered as too subjective by the 
rest of the community (making it likely that it will be immediately 
removed by the next editor!)

We hope the idea of community organized Wiki pages will catch on and 
that users and software developers will all contribute to the pages 
to keep them current and relevant.

The site might also perhaps serve as a point of contact to begin 
discussions of some of the issues of compatibility and integration 
that remain as problems for EM software development.  We would 
welcome your comments and suggestions on this and any other point but 
most importantly we encourage you to fix errors and make changes to 
the  pages directly.

Bridget Carragher and Clint Potter

Bridget Carragher, Associate Professor
Automated Molecular Imaging Group, Department of Cell Biology
The Scripps Research Institute, MC CB129,10550 North Torrey Pines 
Road, La Jolla, CA 92037
tel: (858) 784-9070; fax: (858) 784-9090; bcarr at scripps.edu; 
National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy: http://nramm.scripps.edu

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