Announce, the EMBO practical course on image processing for cryo-electron microscopy in London

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Mon Apr 4 08:21:31 PDT 2005

We are pleased to announce the EMBO practical course on image processing 
for cryo-electron microscopy. This 10 day course will run from 4-14 

 Deadline for applications: Wednesday 1 June 2005.

The aim of the course is to teach the basic principles and practical 
aspects of image processing to bioscientists and structural biologists 
wishing to determine macromolecular structures by cryo electron 
microscopy (EM). The course will concentrate on processing of single 
particle images, and will be aimed at advanced PhD students and postdocs 
working on projects producing cryo EM images for structural analysis. 
Familiarity with UNIX would be an advantage. Morning sessions will 
include three 50-minute lectures, breaks and a discussion period. A 
3-hour practical would take place in the afternoon, with discussion time 
at the end. After dinner there will be research seminars or student 

The course will cover:

    * Basic concepts of Fourier analysis
    * Principles of TEM image formation and contrast transfer
    * Image acquisition and pre-processing
    * Symmetry and alignment
    * Multivariate statistical analysis and eigenimages
    * Determination of orientations for 3D reconstruction
    * Angular reconstitution
    * Contrast transfer function correction
    * Methods of 3D reconstruction
    * Icosahedral reconstruction
    * Interpretation: Atomic structure fitting into EM maps


The following people will be speaking at the course: Nicolas Boisset, 
Bridget Carragher, Tony Crowther, Stephen Fuller, Felix de Haas, Marin 
van Heel, Richard Henderson, Bram Koster, Elena Orlova, Neil Ranson, 
Helen Saibil, David Stuart, Niels Volkmann


Applications are invited from PhD students and researchers in EM. There 
is no course fee except for industrial attendees in which case a fee is 
payable directly to EMBO. Food and accommodation will be provided 
throughout the course but all attendees must pay for and arrange their 
own travel.

Applications should include: a Curriculum vitae; a publication list; a 
short description of your current work and future plans; an explanation 
of why attendance at the course would further the applicant's own research.

Applications should be sent by mail to:
Tim Hoe
Institute of Structural Molecular Biology
School of Crystallography
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HX
United Kingdom

Or by email to: t.hoe at 
<mailto:t.hoe at>

Dr. Elena Orlova
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Birkbeck College                           Fax: (+44) (0)20 7631 6803
University of London
Malet Street                                    e-mail: e.orlova at
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