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Dear list members,

in the book 'Polymer Microscopy' by Sawyer and Grubb I read about  a rule of thumb relating
attainable resolution to the specimen thickness (about 1/15 of the thickness for carbon specimens
imaged with 100 keV electrons).
The authors refer to the second edition of Reimer but I can't find this statement in the fourth edition

How seriously should this rule of thumb be taken for TEM phase contrast imaging?
Does anybody know of a publication giving estimates for different electron energies and specimen

On pages 190ff in Reimer 4th ed. I found a discussion of the 'top-bottom effect' in STEM with
some references to publications on similar effects in TEM and energy-filtered TEM.
Would the resolution in a TEM phase contrast image depend on whether the specimen
is above or beneath the support film?

Thankful for any comments and references,


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