Balzers gun settings

Masahide Kikkawa Masahide.Kikkawa at
Thu Apr 18 01:43:44 PDT 2002

Hi Frank,

>Can someone remind me of typical operating conditions for the electron 
>guns for shadowing at 45 degrees with PtC and then C coating  for an old 
>style Balzers machine (BAF series).  I would like to know the voltage and 
>current and approximate time settings please!

  According to my old notebook (when I was in Nobutaka Hirokawa's lab),

  wait until the vacuum become 10-6 to 10e-7 torr

  cool down the sample to maximum (0-0)

  fracture (this process can be difficult..)  do not fracture too deep.

  etching at -95C (dial 5-30) for 6min30sec (after the sample reached -95C)

  evaporate platinum (filament 6.5, high voltage 5 (1750V) )
  at this point, surface of the sample is covered by the knife.

  filament to 1

  stage rotary on ( rotation speed is 8 )

  after uncovering the sample by moving knife, evaporate platinum up to 
1.5nm and switch of the filament.

  evaporate carbon for 5sec

  take out sample

Some of the setting depends on the individual machine, so play around the 
value described here.

  Good luck !
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