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In addition to the online videos (MOOC) that are being released in collaboration with Grant Jensen, cryo-EM schools will be organized, where students will have the opportunity to practice the material presented in the MOOC in a full 4 weeks hands-on course. After completion and passing a test (able to independently go from sample to structure) they will receive a certificate proving their demonstrated ability to master the SPA workflow. The cryo-EM schools will have a maximum of 3 persons per microscope and vitrification equipment (6 seats in total for each edition with two microscopes).

Students will be on the microscope every day to practice under expert supervision. In addition, there will also be a data processing session as part of the course. Currently there are two pilot schools planned: one organized by Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in February 2018, which is already fully subscribed and one by the Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy (NECEN) that will be held in April 2018 (for this school you can still apply). As participants of these pilots you will be able to be the first to view and study the full video MOOC material (and give valuable feedback) and get fully hands-on trained in 4 weeks. These pilots are a continuation and improvement of the 9 weeks pilot that was successfully held in Leiden in beginning of 2017.
The current 4 weeks pilot that is will be held in Leiden during april 2018, will include 4 weeks access to Krios microscopes equipped with Falcon 3EC and K2 cameras, 2 dedicated expert teachers, housing and food during the course as well as transportation on site. Not included is travel to Leiden and dinner. The total non-profit cost of ~30.000 euro, or an equal 30 days of pre-purchased ThermoFisher on-site application support, can be exchanged for a seat in the course. The image processing part will be taught on the Scipion package from the group of JM Carazo. Labs that are interested can contact Matthijn Vos for more information or subscription to the course.

Dr. Matthijn R. Vos
Sr. Staff Client Services Project Manager
Materials & Structural Analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific
Achtseweg Noord 5 | 5651 GG Eindhoven | The Netherlands
Phone +31 6 23515172
Matthijn.vos at thermofisher.com<mailto:Matthijn.vos at thermofisher.com>

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