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Dear colleagues,

Please find at the following link a playlist of videos demonstrating cryo-EM sample prep, including preparing hydrophilic grids, plunge-freezing with a Vitrobot, assembling autogrids, loading autogrids into cassettes, docking and undocking capsules into ThermoFisher autoloaders, and associated safety issues:


(For all who ever wanted to know whether sparks near liquid ethane could cause an explosion, don’t miss the video where we light it on fire!)

Stay tuned for additional videos we are working on now demonstrating how to operate Arctica, Glacios and Krios instruments; how to screen samples; and how to record both single particle and tomographic data; as well as further explanations of microscope optics, cameras and sample preparation.  All of this new material will also be made public free of charge as both an expansion of the existing online class “Getting Started in Cryo-EM”, which can as before be found at http://cryo-em-course.caltech.edu/, and eventually as a Thermofisher App.

Note the full set of videos will also be used as the basis of several upcoming cryo-EM schools, including one by the Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy (NECEN) to be held in April 2018 (see separate announcement email for details and application info).

We hope you and your trainees will find these videos helpful, and we welcome your feedback!

Grant Jensen
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