[3dem] GMS3.5 shutdown experiences

Reinhard Rachel Reinhard.Rachel at biologie.uni-regensburg.de
Fri Apr 8 03:06:15 PDT 2022

> Dear all,
> since we upgraded our Camera software from Gatan to version 3.5 (K3 camera 
> on JEOL CryoARM300 using SerialEM 4.0.1-4) we experienced regular full 
> shutdowns of the GMS software. I.e. no error message and the whole software

> package is just not running anymore. And a simple reopening of the GMS3 
> software works and I can continue the data collection.
> I am already in contact with our Gatan engineer, but he is rather surprised

> about this behavior.
> I would therefore like to ask the crowd if you have had or currently have a

> similar experience.
> To the best of my knowledge, it appears that the frequency of GMS shutdown 
> is correlated to the number of images taken. I.e. After a certain threshold

> of images taken with the K3 camera, the GMS software will just disappear.
> I currently tested it by a daily (or every second day) restart of the GMS 
> software and since then the error did not appear again for 2 weeks. This 
> would initially support my theory.
valuable to know, Marcus. 
question back to you:  
is there any good reason to upgrade GMS to 3.5?
any interesting features I am not aware of? 
is this version "better" in any aspect? 
or just recommended by -a- Gatan, or by -b- David M? 
thank you and kind regards,

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