[3dem] EMDB Deposition Map Errors

Jack Turner jackt246 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 03:49:37 PDT 2022

Dear Matt and 3DEM users,

We are currently aware of this bug but to our knowledge it has not 
stopped the deposition of entries.

If you are finding it is stopping you from completing and submitting 
your deposition then please let us know either via the communication module
in the deposition interface, or by sending your deposition ID to our 
helpdesk (emdbhelp at ebi.ac.uk). We will then investigate further.

Many thanks,

Jack Turner


On 04/04/2022 19:30, Martinez, Matthew wrote:
> Dear 3DEM users,
> Has anyone ever experienced this EM map error while depositing?
> "Error retrieving original map name."
> I thought this may be due to errors in the MRC file header. I've 
> converted my maps from .em files to .mrc files using the EMAN2 
> function e2proc3d.py but the error still persists. Thanks for any advice.
> Matt
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