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Anirban Banerjee anirbn at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 18:08:19 PDT 2022

> Dear all,
> There is an open postdoctoral position in my lab. We are interested in
> the structure and function of  integral membrane enzymes that catalyze
> protein lipidation (Science, 2018, 359, eaao6326; PNAS., 2022 Feb
> 15;119(7):e2022050119) and transporters of transition metal ions (J Biol
> Chem. 2018;293(10):3819-3828; PNAS, 2019,116,17775-17785).  We combine
> structural techniques such as cryoEM and macromolecular crystallography
> with biophysical and biochemical methods such as reconstitution based
> assays, high resolution light microscopy and small molecule screening to
> ask mechanistic questions. We are also increasingly becoming invested in
> structure inspired cell biological questions.
> The candidates should hold a Ph.D. degree, be author of at least one first
> author publication and have a strong background in biochemistry or
> structural biology. Experience with basic molecular biology, protein
> expression, purification and biochemical characterization are required.
> Prior experience in membrane protein biochemistry or cryoEM will be added
> advantages.
> Interested candidates can send an e-mail to anirban.banerjee at nih.gov with
> a CV and a summary of previous research experience and future interests.
> The NIH is dedicated to building a diverse community in its training and
> employment programs.
> Please help spread the word to interested candidates.
> Thanks,
> Anirban
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