[3dem] Postdoc and PhD positions in cryoEM at Warsaw University, Poland

Piotr Szwedziak p.szwedziak at cent.uw.edu.pl
Tue Feb 19 04:27:25 PST 2019

Dear all,

A postdoc and two PhD positions will be available in my newly 
established lab, located at the Centre of New Technologies at the 
University of Warsaw, Poland.

The successful candidates will investigate the organisation and 
architecture of archaeal cells at the molecular level. We utilise a 
multiscale approach, combining imaging across scales (X-ray, single 
particle cryoEM and fluorescence light microscopy bridged by electron 
cryotomography) with biochemistry.

The Centre of New Technologies is equipped with state-of-the-art 
instrumentation including: a dedicated Akta Pure system for large scale 
protein purification, UPLC-coupled Orbitrap for native mass 
spectrometry, computing cluster consisting of 646 CPUs and 366 GPUs, a 
Vitrobot plunge freezer, a 200 kV Glacios cryo-TEM fitted with a phase 
plate and a Falcon 3EC direct electron detector.

Additionaly, we will have access to a Titan Krios G3i cryo-TEM equipped 
with a phase plate, BioQuantum energy filter and both K3 and Falcon3EC 
direct electron detectors located at the National Centre for Electron 
Cryomicroscopy in Kraków, Poland.

There are two FIB-SEM instruments (FEI Helios, Zeiss CrossBeam) at the 
campus that will be upgraded with a Leica cryostage to enable sample 
thinning by micromachining of biological specimens in cryo conditions.

The working language of the institute is English. Warsaw is the capital 
city of Poland and a major academic and financial centre with great 
connections across Europe, North America and Asia.

For more details please contact me at: p.szwedziak at cent.uw.edu.pl 
<mailto:p.szwedziak at cent.uw.edu.pl>

many thanks,


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