[3dem] Falcon II uses only half of the 1Gb/s bandwidth.

Eugene Pichkur eugene.pichkur at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 06:15:00 PDT 2018

Hello 3DEM community,

We've noticed that our Falcon II uses only half of the 1Gbps bandwidth to
transfer data from the Camera Support Rack to the Microscope PC (I've
attached a screenshot to illustrate the issue).

Microscope PC runs Windows 7 and we are able to get the full frame rate
(20fps) from the detector, however, it takes ~20s to transfer a typical
movie (40frames, 1.2GB) to the PC which is a very frustrating bottleneck.

Both Falcon II and Ceta are connected through the same 1Gb switch (HPE
OfficeConnect 1420 24G 2SFP), so my guess is that the bandwidth is split
50/50. However, during data collection only Falcon II is used which makes
this limitation pointless, not to mention that Falcon II and Ceta can't be
used simultaneously.

Does anyone have a workaround or any info on the topic?

Thanks in advance,
Eugene Pichkur

National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”
Akademika Kurchatova, 1, Moscow, Russia, 123098
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