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Anette Schneemann aschneem at nanoimagingservices.com
Wed Feb 7 17:14:59 PST 2018

Dear colleagues,

Please see below for exciting opportunities to work in the field of molecular electron microscopy at NanoImaging Services Inc. in San Diego, CA.  

Best regards,

Anette Schneemann, PhD
Chief Science Officer
NanoImaging Services, Inc.
4940 Carroll Canyon Road, Suite 115
San Diego, CA  92121

NanoImaging Services, Inc. (NIS) is an industry leader in providing comprehensive structural characterization of biopharmaceuticals by cryo-electron microscopy, including high resolution single particle reconstructions.  We have recently added a Titan Krios electron microscope to our new, custom-built facility located in San Diego, and are seeking highly motivated and accomplished scientists to join our talented team.

Scientist Positions in cryoTEM at NanoImaging Services Inc., San Diego CA 

The successful candidates will contribute to the imaging and/or analysis of samples of therapeutic interest using electron microscopy and advanced image processing techniques, which are integrated in a highly automated data processing pipeline.  Specific tasks may include preparation of negatively stained and vitrified specimen grids, data collection, processing digital electron micrographs with advanced computational methods, calculating three-dimensional image reconstructions, evaluating the results to ensure that high quality standards and client specifications are met, and compiling the results into detailed reports.  The individuals will collaborate closely with other team members in order to perform these tasks within demanding deadlines, and ensure that all data are recorded and organized in an electronic laboratory notebook system.  In addition, the successful candidate may investigate, test and implement improvements to both experimental and computational methods as needed to benefit the services offered by NIS.

The successful candidates must have a Ph.D. degree, or equivalent knowledge, and hands-on experience in cryoTEM sample preparation, cryoTEM data collection and image processing.  Relevant post-doctoral or industry experience, proven ability to collect data on FEI Tecnai and Titan Krios microscopes, a published record of scientific accomplishments, experience with Leginon & Appion software, and technical expertise in high-resolution structure determination by cryo-EM single particle analysis would all be considered a plus.  The ability to maintain rigorous attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills, while priorities and workloads are dynamically shifting, is essential.  The successful candidate must also be able to promptly and clearly communicate in English and be able to work effectively in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment.

Interested individuals are encouraged to send a resume with cover letter containing information on their qualifications, and contact information for three individuals with a scientific background and first hand knowledge of the applicant’s qualifications that can act as references, to:  admin at nimgs.com.


Electron Microscopist Position at NanoImaging Services Inc.,  San Diego, CA

The successful candidate will:
•	prepare samples of therapeutic interest for imaging in an electron microscope 
•	collect data on the electron microscope using a highly automated data acquisition pipeline
•	evaluate digital electron micrographs to ensure high quality standards and client specifications are met
•	participate in computational image analysis and data processing
•	collaborate closely with other team members and contribute to writing detailed reports
•	ensure that projects are completed within demanding deadlines
•	monitor and maintain laboratory equipment
•	establish and/or improve standard laboratory procedures
•	investigate and implement improvements to laboratory methods and potentially create new techniques

The successful candidate must have the following qualifications:
•	a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics or a related area in life sciences
•	an interest in imaging and structural characterization of biological nanoparticles
•	be comfortable handling technically advanced and sensitive equipment
•	be comfortable carrying out complicated assignments and working with delicate materials
•	basic computer skills and willingness to learn new operating systems and advanced software 
•	be self-motivated and have excellent oral and written English communication skills
•	be able to work in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment
•	be able to follow verbal and written instructions with careful attention to detail

The following qualifications would be considered a plus:
•	previous experience in investigating biological specimens, particularly small particle analysis
•	previous experience in operating highly technical scientific instruments, such as advanced microscopes
•	preparation of negatively stained and/or vitrified specimen grids for TEM
•	experience in transmission electron microscopy or light microscopy
•	experience with FEI Tecnai and Titan Krios electron microscopes

Interested individuals are encouraged to send a resume, with a cover letter, containing information on their education, employment history, and any other relevant achievements related to the above skills to:  admin at nimgs.com.

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