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Erhu Cao erhu.cao at biochem.utah.edu
Mon Aug 27 06:47:07 PDT 2018

Dear All,
We are looking for postdoctoral fellows who are interested in ion channels and receptors.
Our research program focuses on understanding atomic-scale mechanisms of how membrane proteins function under normal and diseased states. Membrane proteins play critical roles in nearly every aspect of physiological processes that encompass relaying signals between cells, transporting small molecules and ions across membrane and catalyzing vital enzymatic reactions. Importantly, membrane proteins constitute ~ 60% of targets of currently approved drugs and thus in-depth knowledge about their inner workings is sorely needed to inform the development of effective therapeutic strategies for treating various human diseases.
Our current research program focuses on structures, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology of receptors, transporters, and ion channels that play pivotal roles in the kidneys and, when malfunction, cause various diseases in human. In one recent study, we determined structures of the PKD2 channel, which, when mutated, leads to development of polycystic kidney diseases (PKD) – a common genetic disorder that affects 12.5 million patients worldwide. Moreover, we are also interested in developing pharmacological tools mainly for dissecting functions of ion channels and receptors, but also as drug leads for developing novel therapeutic strategies. To achieve these goals, we employ a multidisciplinary approach that includes molecular biology, protein biochemistry, pharmacology, ion channel electrophysiological, and X-ray crystallography and single-particle electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM).

The University of Utah houses a state-of-the-art cryo-EM facility, including FEI Titan Krios and TF20 microscopes, both of which are equipped with a direct electron detector K2 camera. The University of Utah is committed to become a world-class center for elucidating fundamental biology by using cutting edge cryo-EM methodology.

Backgrounds in biochemistry, structural biology, or ion channel biophysics are preferred, but not required. Interested candidates are welcome to send his/her C.V. directly to Erhu Cao (erhu.cao at biochem.utah.edu<mailto:erhu.cao at biochem.utah.edu>). More details about our research program is available at our website: http://medicine.utah.edu/biochemistry/labs/cao-lab<http://medicine.utah.edu/biochemistry/labs/cao-lab/>/

Very best,


Erhu Cao
15 N Medical Drive, Rm 4100
Department of Biochemistry
School of Medicine at University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-5650
Phone: 801-581-8899
Email: Erhu.Cao at biochem.utah.edu<mailto:Erhu.Cao at biochem.utah.edu>
Lab website: http://medicine.utah.edu/biochemistry/labs/cao-lab<http://medicine.utah.edu/biochemistry/labs/cao-lab/>/
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