[3dem] Recommendation for model building software

Natesh Ramanathan natesh at iisertvm.ac.in
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Hi Alka,

          Coot & refmac you may be familiar with... -  They are available
as part of CCP-EM.
          I assume you want to build model in the cryo-EM/ negative stain
EM maps. Phenix can also do the refinement.
          FlexEM and MDFF are there for flexible model fitting.

         There are many many other softwares as well.  But I may not be
able to list them all here.

Hope you find a suitable one for you.
You can find an exhaustive list of EM softwares in the EMDB

Best regards,

On Wed, 22 Aug 2018 at 23:18, Alka Agrawal <aagrawal at tetragenetics.com>

> Hello everyone,
> I’m new to cryo-EM (I did some crystallography many years ago) and was
> wondering what model-building software you recommend? I’m at a company so
> we’d likely have to pay for it, so lower cost options are preferable.
> Ideally I’d like software that can be also used for analysis of the final
> model, making figures, etc.
> Thanks
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