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Montserrat Samso montserrat.samso at vcuhealth.org
Mon Apr 23 11:19:22 PDT 2018

Dear All,

We had the same problem with our Vitrobot Mk 4. We disassembled the humidifier connector to the back of the machine and found some loose connections. After re-assembling properly this connection, the humidification worked fine again!

So it is worth a try.

Good luck,

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Dear All,

We recently have started having trouble getting our old Vitrobot humidifier to reach a high humidity when it's very dry in the lab.  It doesn't give any error messages like you've seen, it just doesn't go up.  I resolved it by using very hot water like we do for the CP3 sponge.  Not a very elegant solution, but it works!

David's sponge idea is a good one too if the little unit is completely kaput.



Valorie Bowman

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    We had a similar problem with a Mk 3.  After multiple attempts to fix various thing and some conversations with FEI, we eventually needed to have service come and fix the problem.  As I remember (this was several years ago), it required a new circuit board of some sort.  Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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Dear colleagues,

we are experiencing a problem getting the Vitrobot MarkIV humidifier to work.
As soon as we try to increase the humidity in the chamber the system gives a message saying "empty" (in the humidity panel).

We have tried emptying and refilling it again and removing any air bubble in the line but that has not fixed the problem.

When we detach the cylinder from the Vitrobot, the water doesn't splash..
Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you solve it?

Do you have a technical manual? We never managed to get one from FEI.

Best regards
Artemis Kosta

Artemis Kosta
Service de microscopie
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