[3dem] 2nd I2PC cryoEM Facilities Meeting. Madrid, June 26-27, 2018

Pablo Conesa pconesa at cnb.csic.es
Wed Apr 4 07:19:09 PDT 2018

Dear EM Community,

The Instruct Image Processing Center (I2PC) at MadridI2PC is organizing 
its second *Cryo-EM Facilities meeting*, following the successful first 
meeting hold last year. The aim is to gather together Cryo-EM *Facility 
managers* who want to share their experience, problems and solutions on 
data handling and processing, using Scipion or not.

I2PC, as developers of Scipion, has as one of its top priorities the 
improvement of the functionality that Scipion offers to Cryo-EM 
Facilities. We will present Scipion and how it is used in several 
Facilities, such as Diamond/eBIC (UK), ESRF (FR and International), 
SciLifeLab (Sweden), NIH at NCI (US), NIH at NIEHS (US) or McGill 
University (Canada)  (click here for a map of Facilities using Scipion 
We will also count with FEI/Thermo-Fisher participation in the context 
of the I2PC-FEI Image Processing Course on Scipion for Facilities that 
will immediately follow this meeting.

We will present Scipion 2018-2019 Road Map during the meeting, so that 
Facilities could comment and improve on it. together with its 
development Road Map. More importantly, there will be ample time to 
discuss and present common Facility data handling and processing 
problems, and hopefully share with others how you are running your 
Facility in those aspects. For more details, please go here 

All the best, Pablo.

Scipion team - I2PC center

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