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Fri Sep 29 07:04:28 PDT 2017

Dear EM community,

You may be aware, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) is 
currently installing and commissioning a *Titan Krios cryo electron 
microscope* (cryo-EM) equipped with a GATAN K2 detector. This new 
facility, *ESRF ‘beamline’ CM0**1*, will become operational in 
*mid-November 2017*. With this is mind we would like to inform you here 
how to apply for access to this new facility.

Applications for microscope access are to be made as Rolling Access 
Proposals with the application system open from *28.09.2017*. Initially, 
we will be accepting only projects that have been previously evaluated 
using cryo-EM and for which suitable proof of the sample quality is 
available. This proof has to be included in the application for access 
and should consist of cryoEM images taken on any other microscope 
showing that the resolution obtained is sufficiently high to justify 
extending this using the Titan Krios, coupled with 2D classification 
and/or 3D reconstruction results. All proposals will be evaluated by the 
ESRF MX Beam Time Allocation Panel (MX-BTAP) which will allocate access 
based on the feasibility (see above) and scientific merit.

Guidelines for writing a proposal can be found HERE 
make sure you use****the correct _"Experimental Method Form" template, 
which is spec__ific for CryoEM__beamtime_*_*applications!*_

The microscope (CM01) will be operated in a similar fashion to the ESRF 
X-ray beam lines (i.e. 6 days per week during ESRF operations periods 
An exception will be during the planned ESRF-EBS shutdown when CM01 will 
continue both to operate and to accept proposals. Initially, we will 
schedule two experiments per week and we will reimburse a maximum of two 
visitors per experiment.

Samples can be sent using CF100 dry-shippers as for any other MX 
experiment, mentioning CM01 as the beam line where the experiment will 
be carried out ( see 'How to prepare your experiment 

Further information concerning the microscope and how to apply for 
access can be found HERE 
by e-mail to cryo-em at esrf.fr <mailto:cryo-em at esrf.fr>.

Best regards,


On behalf of ESRF User Office.

Eaazhisai KANDIAH
ESRF Cryo-EM beamline Scientist

Address: ESRF
71 Avenue des Martyrs, 38000 Grenoble

Telephone: +33 476 882691
Email: eaazhisai.kandiah at esrf.fr

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