[3dem] negative staining artifact

Johanna Höög johanna.hoog at gu.se
Mon Sep 25 00:01:04 PDT 2017

Hej Linda!

I had similar precipitates a while ago and it took me forever to find the source. For us, it was that the oil filter on the glow discharger that needed to be changed. Try just putting an empty grid in the glow discharger and then have a look at it to exclude this possibility.

Good luck!


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Hi all experts!!
I know, this do not look nice, but I would like to hear your opinion about this artifact. Tiny dark spots covering both sample and background, do you know what it is, were it comes from and how to avoid it? We have this bad background time to time from different labs…. It is a “normal” negative staining protocol: copper grids, formvar, carbon, glow discharge, UA.
I’m happy for your suggestions, Best Linda
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Linda Sandblad
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