[3dem] Camera CMOS malfunction

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Dear David,
I agree with Marin.  It is a data synch error.  This sometimes happens with our Gatan K2 camera and what we do is shut down the software and hardware and restart the hardware in order for it to resynch properly.  This would be what I would try first and likely what TVIPS would recommend.  These systems are pushing lots of data through these channels and sometimes it gets messed up.  Good luck.

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Dear David

Apparently your F416 CMOS camera is subdivided into eight vertical stripes which are processed separately electronically. Stripe 5 and 6 (from 1-8) appear to have some electronic synchronization problem.
I would contact the manufacturer if I were you. (Tietz?)




On 26/10/2017 02:27, David LIEBL wrote:
Dear all,
Has anyone experienced similar CMOS malfunction/damage on TEM camera or could anyone tell what could have caused this kind of malfunction?
Attached is one illustrative image (flat field-corrected) plus dark frame image (uncorrected) for a reference. Both images were saved as 8-bit TIFFs (4K) and binned 4 (to reduce file size for email).
Note the two vertical stripes - they look exactly like motion blur filter applied at zero angle with distance of 10 pixel (simulated in Photoshop).
Any suggestions?
Camera status description is also attached.

Thank you for advice,

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